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At Akins Trailer Sales we strive to provide the best possible living quarter horse trailers. We specialize in Bison Coach trailers and Logan Coach trailers, giving you the best options in quality and affordability.

Testimonial - David and Brenda Metzler

I am writing to tell you about our experiance with Akins Trailers.

We purchased our Bison in March of 2009. The process was painless and very friendly. We drove 500 miles to pick up our trailer nearly site unseen (only by photos).

My husband and I had been looking for horse trailers with living quarters for several months. So when we got on the internet and saw the Bison, it was time to start investigating, because the living area in the Bison is the best we had seen by far.

There was a dealer closer to us but his inventory was 2 yrs old and we just didn't like what he had in stock. Akins Trailer Sells was listed on the Bison web cite as a referral, so I called and spoke to Rochelle. She was able to locate a trailer that fit all our needs.

As with any new purchase, We had a little trouble with our trailer. Thad made sure that the warranty work was taken care of in a timely and efficient manner and we were up and running in no time at all.

The Bison Trailer is absolutely beutiful. It is not made for severe cold winter use, but when you have horses, you usually aren't going to places below zero anyway. So I will recommend Akin Trailers Sells again. We get stares driving down the freeway all the time and people come up to us at rest stops or camp grounds asking to look inside. It is absolutely the best buy we have made in a very long time.

-- David and Brenda Metzler Spokane, Washington

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